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I have been writing this column for GamingToday since July of 2012. Over that period I have had the pleasure of enjoying a lot of great food and then getting to write about it.

This week my column is different as not only do I get to write about great food but also share an absolutely great story. It’s a true life success story and that makes this article my favorite.

Sitting at home watching the Oscars, up pops a commercial I would have just fast forwarded through on my DVR, but this was live TV. So, I had to watch and I’m so glad I did. There is this lady driving in a car talking and she says: “Everything that was good was gone, I lost my family, I lost friends, lovers, my job. My addiction destroyed everything.

“Getting Sober was the Hardest Thing I’ve ever done in my Life.” Then I realized this person was from Las Vegas. The commercial goes to say she beat her addiction and opened a restaurant here called Eat. It’s located downtown at 707 Carson Street.

The commercial was for American Express in their series: To the next generation of Late Bloomers. From this commercial during the Oscars I go to my phone and Google Eat. I decided right then I had to go to this restaurant, try the food, and if I’m lucky get to meet this lady in the commercial, which I did.

Natalie Young is the owner/chef and she was so kind to sit down with me and tell me her story.

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